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Coming to your University this Fall
Top 10 MBA & Top 30+ Undergraduate Universities - 2021/22
100+ Workshops Held since 2019, with 50k+ Students & Candidates

Kaushik Ravi, Speaker

  • 8+ Year Private Equity & Investment Banking Professional

  • PE Director by age 30; VP at Goldman Sachs IB & PE 

    • Director, Private Equity, Varde ($15bn)

    • Vice President, Goldman Sachs PE ($100bn)

    • Vice President, Goldman Sachs IB

    • Chief of Staff, Goldman Sachs & Recruiting Lead for PE & IB, Goldman

    • Has led $200bn+ in transactions (to date) over career

  • Founder, Elevate- #1 PE, VC & IB Recruiting, Training & Networking Platform (Est. 2019)

    • Partnered with Top 12+ MBA, Top 30 UG universities & 100+ Premier Finance & Investing Clubs

    • Partnered with 50+ Top Private Equity, Investment Banking & Growth Equity / Venture Capital Firms & Professionals

    • Largest Networking (By Invite), Training (Mastery), Recruiting (Recruit) and Resource (Advice) Platform for PE, VC & IB Careers​

    • Speaker & Instructor at 100+ University Workshops since 2019


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Student leader testimonials &
elevate workshop VIDEOs:

Student Leader Testimonials


fall 2019

  • Advice on Starting in a Business Career: Finding Intersection of what you're good at (skillset) and what you enjoy doing (passion)

  • What are consulting, investment banking and private equity careers actually like? 

  • How to be effective in networking during recruiting

  • 3 ways to make an impact: (1) Nail your 60 second pitch (2) Have 3-4 good questions to ask (3) Follow up

  • Informational & Formal Interviews: Keys to success, common pitfalls

  • Building the best resume

  • Keys to success as analysts: (1) Top work quality (2) Take ownership

  • Developing an investor's mindset

Wharton, UPENN

Spring 2020

  • Four boxes to check when recruiting for Investing roles: Investment Acumen, Transactional Experience, Leading Transactions, Fit

  • Breaking into PE post MBA with various backgrounds

  • How to prepare for the PE MBA recruiting process: make your firm lists, networking, build investment ideas, go through your prior deals

  • How to prepare for PE MBA recruiting from a non-traditional background: Getting your story straight, building your technical skillset, and network.

  • Impact of COVID on recruiting

  • Selling your story

  • Build & demonstrate your investment acumen

  • Reverse diligencing funds & firms

  • Making an impression in a remote environment 

Student Leader Testimonials

Hear from Student Leaders on the Impact of Elevate Workshops and broader Elevate programming at their respective universities.

Featured students are leaders of top pre-professional groups at:

  • Princeton University (Goldman Sachs)

  • Harvard University (Barclays)

  • Stanford University (BAML)

  • Yale University (LionTree)

  • Massachussettes Institute of Technology (Warburg Pincus)

  • Duke University (Lazard)

Worshop Videos

YALE University

Fall 2020

  • Private Equity, coming from Banking vs. Consulting

  • Make your own path

  • Specialization early in career

  • PE Recruiting Process

  • Private Equity Principles: Size, Valuation, Leverage, Growth

  • What Firms Look For 

  • Going into PE right away vs. after 2 years in Banking / Consulting

  • Defining your own success

  • Importance of your network

  • Reasons for MBA

  • Communicate your value

  • How do you get a VC to respond to you


Fall 2019

  • How to be successful in business careers

  • Starting and advancing your finance careers - what to do at each level of your career

  • Importance of breadth vs. depth (i.e. specialization) early in your career?

  • Finding work/life balance & culture that makes you happy, mentorship

  • Why is networking important and how to do it well? How to think about networking for sellside & buyside in finance?

  • How to build internship/ work experience early in your career

  • 5 qualities recruiters look to find the best candidates

  • Interviews in depth: Fit questions, How to approach strengths & weaknesses questions, How to sound more genuine, Q&A for interviewer

  • What is critical to do early in your career: Top quality of work, Make an impact on those around you, Be confident & find ways to vocalize views

  • How do you know when to ask for a question?

  • Things I have learned and what has surprised me about finance


FALL 2019

  • What are the main considerations in when choosing a banking or consulting firm for employment (large vs. small size, broad vs. niche, technical vs. generalist, etc.)? 

  • What types of experiences are helpful to enter Venture Capital? Working at a start-up vs. working in banking / consulting?

  • What are the exit options available to me if I work at a start-up?

  • What types of internships do you recommend students target in their freshman and sophomore summers to secure the best internships?

  • How to deal with rejection and keep fighting

  • What are easy things in networking and outreach that people aren't doing nearly enough of?

  • Advice on Starting in a Business Career: Finding Intersection of what you're good at (skillset) and what you enjoy doing (passion)


Fall 2019

  • Advice on Starting in a Business Career: Finding intersection of what you're good at (skillset) and what you enjoy doing (passion)

  • Developing an investor's mindset early in your career

  • What are consulting, investment banking and private equity careers like?

  • What is the role of the analyst?

  • Effectiveness in networking: Being resourceful, persistent but realistic

  • 3 ways to make an impact at networking events: (1) Nail your 60 second pitch (2) Have 3-4 good questions to ask (3) Follow up

  • How and when to follow up when you don't get a response 

  • Interviews: Behind the scenes & common pitfalls

  • Building the best resume & how to highlight skills recruiters are looking for

  • Keys to success as an analyst

  • Tradeoffs as it relates to work/life balance in finance careers

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