the only VENTURE Capital & Growth equity Training Taught by Senior VC Investors

Taught by Senior Venture Capital Investors (Founders, Managing Partners of Funds & Investors)

Ashu Garg.jpeg

Ashu Garg

Managing Partner,

Foundation Capital

12 Years as VC

$3bn in capital across 9 Funds, 28 IPOs & 80+ acquisitions. Leading early-stage VC firm in enterprise, fintech and consumer. Investments include Netflix, Lending Club and many in AI space

Olivier Babin bio pic.jpeg

Olivier Babin

VC Investor,
Softbank Vision Fund

Goldman Sachs (prior)

$100bn Fund, largest ever VC Fund. Investments include: Bytedance, Slack,

Uber, PayTM, Doordash, Compass

Ho Nam Altos.jpg

Ho Nam

Founder & Managing Partner

Altos Ventures

25 Years in VC

$8bn+ in AUM. Investor in 100+ global companies. Enterprise SaaS, FinTech & Consumer. Early VC in Roblox ($45bn IPO, Altos Stake: $8bn) and Coupang ($60bn IPO, largest since Alibaba)


Alex Gorgoni

VC Investor,

Battery Ventures (prior)

TCV has invested $13bn+ in 350+ companies over 25 years. E.g.: Airbnb, Facebook, Netflix, Peloton & Spotify

Shruti Array bio pic.jpg

Shruti Gandhi

Founder & Managing Partner,

Array Ventures

WSJ 20 VC's to Watch, 10 Years as VC

Pioneering VC in Enterprise Space.

Exits to Paypal, Apple, Samsung

Featured on Business Insider, BBC, USA Today, Forbes, VentureBeat

Adjunct Professor, Columbia Univ. CS

Kaushik Pic2.png

Kaushik Ravi

Founder, Elevate
Director, Investing

Goldman Sachs (prior)

US & Asia Investor

Founder, Elevate

VP, GS Investing ($100+bn AUM)

Course Preview


8 Modules, 7 Hours, 71 Video Lessons.

100% Taught by VC / Growth Equity Investors

Module 1:

Most Important Things to Know about the Venture Capital / Growth Equity Job

45 mins

  • Venture Capital & Growth Equity - Overview & Key Differences

  • Stages of VC / GE: From Pre-Seed to Late Stage / pre-IPO

  • Venture Capital Fund Structure

  • Day-to-day of a VC / GE Investor

  • What Makes a Great VC / GE Associate & Principal?

  • Keys to Success & Transferrable Skills from Prior Jobs (I-Banking, Consulting, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, etc.)

  • Venture Capital / Growth Equity Investor Mindset from Experienced VC's

Module 2: 

Recruiting Guide for Breaking into Venture Capital & Growth Equity Jobs

1 hour

  • Breaking into VC Investing without Prior Background: Late Stage / Growth Equity

  • Breaking into VC Investing without Prior Background: Early Stage

  • VC / GE Tactical Recruiting Strategies & Advice

  • Developing & Demonstrating the Investor's Mindset

  • Developing & Demonstrating the Operator's Mindset

  • VC / GE Interviews Deep-Dive

  • VC / GE Interview Case Studies & Common Mistakes

  • What it Takes to be a Great VC Investor & Demonstrating that

  • Skills to Build Early in Career

Module 3: 

Late Stage VC & Growth Equity (Series B / C to Pre-IPO) Investing

1 hour 

  • How to Source New Investments in Venture Capital / Growth Equity

  • Evaluating Key Investment Criteria

  • Enterprise vs. Consumer Investments

  • Valuation Principles in VC / GE

  • Introduction to Dilution Math

  • How to Conduct Due Diligence as a VC

  • How Does a Deal Process Work: Getting through Investment Committee

  • Structuring VC Deals

  • Key Considerations in VC / GE Deals

Module 4:

8 VC/Growth Case Studies: Airbnb, Robinhood, Zoom, Beyond Meat, Uber, Fitbit, Netflix, Peloton - by Investor Instructors

45 mins

  • Airbnb

  • Robinhood

  • Zoom

  • Beyond Meat

  • Uber - by Softbank Investor Instructor

  • FitBit

  • Netflix - by Foundation Capital Investor Instructor

  • Peloton - by TCV Investor Instructor

  • Observations & Conclusions

Module 5:

Early Stage (Seed / Series A) Investing  

1 hour

  • How to Source Great Investments as an Early Stage VC?

  • Key Evaluation Criteria for Investments as an Early Stage VC

  • Lessons Learned as an Investor

  • Contrarian Mindset

  • Valuation Approach in Early Stage VC

  • Due Diligence Process in Early Stage VC

  • Managing Time as a VC Investor

Module 6: 

Comprehensive VC Modeling From Scratch: On-Demand Food Delivery Platform Model & VC Returns

1 hour

  • On-Demand Food Delivery Platform Investment

  • Customer Level Economics (Customer Retention, Monthly Cohort Analysis, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Lifetime Value of Customer (LTV))

  • Customer Waterfall Build (Monthly Growth & Retention of Existing & New Customers)

  • Income Statement Build 

  • Cash Flow Build

  • VC Returns Analysis (Valuation, Returns)

  • Dilution from Future Fundraising Rounds Analysis

  • Sensitivity Analysis

Module 7: 

Term Sheets Deep-Dive

45 mins

  • Full Walkthrough of a deal Termsheet and Detailed Explanations by Section

  • Pre-Money Valuations

  • Capitalization & Option Pool

  • Seniority & Liquidation Preferences

  • Seniority & Liquidation Preferences - Modeling

  • Anti-Dilution Mechanics

  • Conversion & Redemption Rights

  • Representations & Warranties

  • Board Composition & Other Rights

Module 8:

Portfolio Company Management & Monitoring

1 hour

  • Portfolio Company Management

  • VC's Role with Failing Portfolio Companies

  • Board Composition & Management

  • Differences between VC Investors & Different Funds

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Executive Hiring

  • Tactical & Financing Projects

Testimonials from Professionals from Top Firms & Successful Candidates

Hear from Others:

As an IBD analyst looking to break into VC / Growth, this training does the ultimate job of breaking down the role, what it takes to enter, how to position myself in addition to the more technical aspects like modeling, term sheets, structuring, etc. The best part, though, are the instructors - legitimate professionals & senior partners. Their stories, perspectives from deals makes this something I will come back and watch multiple times over.

- Investment Banking Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Nothing else beats the Elevate Mastery Trainings. The VC one is great because the instructors are real investors (who've seen and done hundreds of deals), and also because it is so comprehensive - covering Late Stage & Early Stage, the intricacies of term sheets, the modeling required, and keys to success in every aspect of the role. I've already re-watched many of the modules 2-3 times

- Incoming Venture Capital Post-MBA Associate,
Top 3 MBA Program

"As an undergraduate, this is the ultimate resource on VC / Growth Equity careers - what these investors do, how they make investing decisions, and how I should prep myself to enter the industry in the next couple years."

- Incoming IBD Analyst, Top 3 Bank, Top 10 UG

"Elevate's ability to get top professionals from top funds speaks volumes to the platform and the trainings- the platform is single-handedly changing how students & professionals learn, prep and recruit for top careers - there's nothing else like it!"

- Growth Equity Investor, Warburg Pincus

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