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Overview of Elevate Career Network:

Founded a year ago, Elevate is now the largest networking, resources and recruiting platform for finance & investing careers in North America:

  • Elevate is partnered with the top 50+ PE, VC and IB firms & professionals

  • Elevate is also partnered with the top 30+ undergraduate, top 10 MBA universities, and 80+ of the premier finance & investing clubs on campus (See Partner University List)

  • Elevate has grown 7x during COVID and ~15% month-over-month

  • Elevate is fast becoming the industry standard for networking, recruiting and resources for students & early professionals and firms

Overview of Role(s):

We're seeking 1-2 strong, self-motivated individuals to join the team and work on front end development OR business analytics / data science roles on two of our premier platforms:

  • FINNECT, Elevate's Networking Platform: Help design an updated user interface, improve the data collection mechanics, as well as build an interface where users can see who is in their networks, etc.

    • FINNECT now includes 700+ users, having facilitated 2,000+ 1-on-1 networking meetings already​

  • Elevate's Recruit, Elevate's recruiting platform where companies can set up job postings, and students / candidates can explore those, apply, etc. This is more targeted than LinkedIn or other platforms - as Elevate's audience is 5,000+ targeted finance / investing students / candidates from all the top universities in North America​.

    • Current partnerships with firms like KKR, TCV and investment banks, and with top 5 MBA schools like Chicago Booth​


Technical Requirement(s):


  • Front-end developer(s) / engineer (s): JavaScript experience / knowledge (Preferred: Familiarity and/or proficiency with React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, or other front end frameworks)

    • To build / enhance front-end interface for our networking platform (currently on Wix)

    • To build a job application interface for our recruiting platform (currently on Wix)​

  • Business Analytics: Proficiency in SQL, Python, Scala, or any other querying language / analytics toolchain 

    • To analyze user data & build insights on networking & recruiting platforms (currently on Wix & Airtable)​


Why Elevate:

As a team member, you get the incredible opportunity to:

  • Be a part of a fast-growing platform that is growing 15%+ monthly, has grown 7x during COVID, and is partnered with the top universities & top PE, IB, VC, HF firms in the world (100+ partnerships established during COVID)

  • Work with and interact with top professionals and firms in the Financial Services Industry - across Private Equity, Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, and more

  • Join team of 10 interns (student leaders from top universities & firms around North America)

  • Paid work experience 

Elevate - Open Positions:

Front-end Developer(s) & Business Analytics

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