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#1 PE, IB, Growth Equity, VC, HF Talent Platform:
Largest Network of Undergraduate, Professional & MBA Talent for Your Internship, Full-Time & Project-Based Roles

Founded by: Goldman VP - IB & PE, Private Equity Director & Chief of Staff, Goldman IB

Why Elevate vs. LinkedIn, Headhunters or Job Boards?

Top 10% of Talent at Top 30+ Universities (UG & MBA); 55% Diversity

UG (Avg.): 3.8 GPA, 1520 SAT

Pros: From Top IB/PE Firms

MBA: Top 10 MBAs, 730 GMAT

55% Diversity: Women, Minority

Trusted by Large & Middle-Market PE, IB, VC, HF Firms-
KKR, Warburg & more

Partnered with dozens of large & middle-market PE, IB, VC firms on recruiting & brand-building initiatives

Talent Pipeline:
Built by
PE/IB Pros

Targeted Talent Pipeline from 100+ Premier Finance Clubs; Add'l Screening & Candidate Insights designed by IB/PE Pros

Faster, More 
Transparent &
Higher ROI: Partner to HR Teams & Firms

10x more & better candidates in <2 weeks; 5x better ROI vs. LinkedIn, HHs, Boards; Firm controls process & brand

"This is how easy recruiting great investing candidates should be"
- Partner, Private Equity, ex-Bain Capital

"Elevate has the best PE/IB talent sourcing channel - hands down" - Human Capital Lead, Top 5 Private Equity Firm

"We use Elevate to enhance our brand with top candidates, and to recruit from all top universities in one swing"
- Partner, Middle Market Investment Bank

Featured on Elevate

Firms & Professionals Featured on Elevate:

and dozens of middle-market PE, IB, HF, VC firms

#1 Undergraduate Talent Platform

3,000+ Pre-Screened Candidates Every Year (Class of 2022, 2023 & 2024):

  • Long-Term Partnerships with Top 25+ Universities & their 80+ Premier Finance & Investing Clubs (Pre-Screened Talent, full partner list below)

  • Avg. GPA: 3.80 

  • Avg. SAT: 1520 (98th Percentile)

  • Avg. ACT: 34.0 (97th Percentile)

  • 55% High-Performing Diversity Candidates: Women, African-American, Latinx, LBGTQ+

  • Internship Experiences: Investment Banking (40%), Private Equity (30%), Consulting & Strategy (20%), Technology & Operations (10%)

Long-standing, multi-year partnerships with 80+ Premier Finance Organizations across Top 25 Universities:

UG Talent

#1 Early Professional IB & PE Talent Network:

1,000+ Pre-Screened Professionals (Class of 2021, 2020 & 2019):

  • Currently at Top IB, PE/VC & Consulting Firms: 500+ from Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, KKR, General Atlantic, Insight, Carlyle, Warburg Pincus, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, BAML, Evercore, Citi, Lazard, Barclays, McKinsey, BCG, Bain and many more

  • From Top 30+ Universities & 80+ Premier Finance & Investing Clubs (Pre-Screened)

  • Avg. GPA: 3.75 

  • Avg. SAT: 1500 (97th Percentile)

  • Avg. ACT: 33.5 (97th Percentile)

  • 55% High-Performing Diversity Candidates: Women, African-American, Latinx, LBGTQ+

Professionals from the Top Firms (Top 25 Represented below - 60% of Total)

and more

Pre-MBA Talent

#1 MBA Talent Network:

2,000+ MBA Candidates each year (MBA Class of 2021, 2022 & 2023)

  • Long-Term Partnerships with Top 10+ MBA Universities & their Private Equity, Finance & Investing Clubs

  • 45% High-Performing Diversity Candidates: Women, African-American, Latinx, LBGTQ+

  • Prior Experience: Private Equity (40%), Investment Banking (25%), Consulting (20%), Strategy / Operations / Corporate (15%)

Long-standing, multi-year partnerships with the Premier Finance & PE Organizations across Top 12+ MBA Universities:

MBA Talent

Join Large & Middle-Market PE/VC/IB/HF Firms Partnered with Elevate on Recruiting & Brand Building
Selected Examples:

Top Partners

How Firms Partner with Elevate:

  1. Role Posting onto Elevate's Job Platform (5K+ Potential candidates + distributed by 100+ club partners with students & alumni) 

  2. Targeted Candidate Outreach from Elevate's Large Candidate Database & University Partnerships

  3. Firm Brand-building / Information Sessions (Examples: Warburg, KKR, TCV)

  4. Talent Pipeline Building Strategy: Custom strategy to build brand & pipeline

Why Elevate

To learn more, tell us a bit more in the quick form below. We'll schedule an intro call with you to discuss further and to see if it's a good mutual fit!

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