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Investment Banking Training Taught by Bankers from Top Firms - including
5 Instructors from Goldman Sachs

Taken by 1000+ candidates, headed to the top Investment Banks


Meet Your Investment Banking Mastery Instructors

Kaushik (Lead)

  • Goldman Sachs Investment
    Banking - VP & Chief of Staff (IBD FIG)
  • Goldman Sachs Private Equity - Principal

  • Varde Partners PE - Director


  • Centerview Partners - Principal

  • Goldman Sachs
    Investment Banking -
    Vice President, Associate & Analyst



  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking -


Vince Bellino.jpeg


  • Evercore Investment Banking

  • PwC M&A Transaction



  • Morgan Stanley Investment
    Banking - Executive Director &
    Recruiting Lead

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch M&A



  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking

  • JP Morgan Investment Banking

  • Blackstone Private Equity

  • Ares Private Equity - Vice President



  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking

  • Centerbridge Private Equity

  • GTCR Private Equity



8 Hours, 75 Video Lessons, 7 Modules Taught by Pros

Module 1:
Message to Incoming Investment Bankers & Candidates from Successful Professionals 

1 hour

  • Top 10 Keys to being a Top Bucket Performer & Building the Perfect Analyst & Associate

  • Top 10 Early Career Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

  • Career Paths & Success: Analyst to Associate to Vice President to Executive Director to MD

  • 6 Case Studies Presented By Bankers on Deals they've Worked on:

    • $100bn M&A advisory 

    • $40bn M&A sell-side  

    • $9bn M&A buy-side

    • $3bn IPO 

    • Dual-Track Buy-side & Sell-side M&A; Growth Capital Raise

Module 2: 

The Most Important Things to Know about the Investment Banking Job & M&A Transactions

2 hours

  • Overview of Investment Banking Functions, Product / Industry Groups & Projects 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: All About M&A Transactions:
    M&A Strategy, Tactics, Rationale, Types of Transactions and Pros / Cons

  • 5 Phases of the M&A Process:
    Pitch | Sell-side Preparation | Round 1 |
    Round 2 | Exclusivity, Signing and Closing

  • M&A in Detail: Banker Roles & Responsibilities, Timeline, Sell-side vs. Buy-side

Module 3: 
Financial Modeling I - All about Building 3-Statement Operating Models

1 hour 

  • Financial Modeling Overview

  • 3-Statement Modeling:
    Decomposing the Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement

  • Step-by-step Excel Build of Operating Model from Scratch (Including Scenario Analysis)

  • Projections Modeling: How it's done in the real world

  • Step-by-step Excel Build of 3-Statement Projections Model

Module 4:

Financial Modeling II - All About Investment Banking & M&A Valuation

1 hour

  • Valuation Overview & Perspectives

  • Relative Valuation - Trading & Transaction Comps

  • Discounted Valuation Analysis in Detail: Behind the Scenes with Professionals on Assumptions, Methodology and Best Practices

  • Valuation Methodologies Pros & Cons and How they are used in Banking

  • High-level Overview of Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Analysis

  • Step-by-Step Excel Build of DCF, Trading Comps and Transaction Comps

Module 5:

Financial Modeling III - All About Investment Banking Merger Modeling 

1 hour

  • Merger Modeling Rationale, Overview & Banker Perspectives

  • Transaction Assumptions & Purchase Consideration (Stock vs. Debt vs. Cash)

  • Revenue & Cost Synergies & How Bankers Think About Synergies in M&A

  • Sources & Uses in a Transaction

  • Purchase Price Allocation & Closing Balance Sheet

  • M&A Accretion / Dilution Analysis

  • Step-by-Step Excel Build of Merger Model, incl. Scenario & Sensitivity Analyses

Module 6: 

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Capital Markets & Hostile Takeovers

30 mins

  • Overview of an IPO Transaction:
    $3bn IPO Case Study

  • Key Deliverables and Banker Responsibilities in an IPO

  • Behind the Scenes of Helping Company become IPO-ready

  • Overview of Timeline and Workstreams in an IPO

  • Investment Banking M&A and Capital Markets Divisions Working Together 

  • Mechanics, Pricing, Stabilization & Trading of an IPO

  • All About Hostile M&A Takeovers:
    $200+bn Defense of P&G, and $6+bn Defense of Illumina - by Bankers on those Deals

Module 7: 
Recruiting Guide for Investment Banking & Finance Careers Beyond

1 hour +

  • Mock Interview with Goldman Sachs Associate

  • What Banks & Firms are looking for; Guiding Principles for Recruiting

  • Networking Effectively

  • Interview: Hear from Professionals on what they are looking for on all the Interview Questions:
    Fit: Background | Why Finance / IB | Strengths / Weaknesses | Failures | Many More

    Technicals: Accounting | 3-Statement Analysis | Valuation | M&A Modeling | More

  • Specific Advice: For Incoming Summer Interns & For Laterals

  • Buy-side  / Private Equity Recruiting Process in Detail : Logistics, Timeline and Interviews for Mega Funds & Middle Market Funds

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