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Due to popular demand, Elevate is hosting a Private Equity & Buyside Recruiting & Interview Workshop on August 14

Led by 3 Mega-Fund Private Equity Instructors

At Elevate, we've coached/placed 500+ candidates into their dream roles in PE, IB & VC, and this training incorporates the most important parts of the recruiting & interview process

Agenda Topics / Modules:

  1. How to Land that PE Job: Most Important Things to Know

  2. Overall Recruiting Strategy & Timeline

  3. Crafting Your Most Effective Buyside Story

  4. Headhunter Interview Questions & Answers​​ & Networking

  5. Interview Process & Structure: What to Expect and when?

  6. Behavioral Interviews & Your Story: Prior Experience, Fit, Why Firm & more

  7. Positioning Your Deals / Work Experience Interviews

  8. Technical Interviews & Case Study

  9. LBO Example

  10. Thinking Like An Investor

Saturday August 14th, 11 AM - 1PM ET

Format: Zoom Webinar

Kaushik B&W.png

Kaushik Ravi

Kaushik has spent the last 8+ years in Private Equity & Investment Banking, making Director in PE before the age of 30, having led / worked on $200bn in Buyside & Sell-side M&A Transactions. He spent 6+ years at Goldman Sachs, and was a Vice President at Goldman Private Equity ($100bn AUM). While at Goldman, he was also Chief of Staff for multiple years, leading various recruiting, training & people development efforts within IBD & PE. Since founding in 2019, Elevate has done 100+ training workshops at the top 30+ universities this past year, and Elevate has been invited to conduct Private Equity training bootcamps at 8 out of the top 10 MBAs this past year. Elevate has coached 500+ professionals & students to successfully land top roles in PE, IB & VC.

Adi Garg.jpeg


Adi is a Private Equity Professional at a Megafund in New York. Prior to that, Adi was an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs. Over his career, Adi has provided extensive training & mentorship around the Buyside Recruiting & Interview Process, and is a trusted coach/mentor to dozens of current PE & IB Analysts who have successfully gone through the PE & Buyside Recruiting Process. Adi went through the on-cycle PE Buyside Recruiting process 2 cycles ago. 

Jeevan Photo.jpg


Jeevan is a Private Equity Associate at a Megafund in New York. Prior to that, Jeevan was an Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Jeevan has also done extensive training & mentorship around the Buyside Recruiting process with candidates over the past two years, and has incredible insights on the overall interview process, the technical skills and mindset required to be successful in the process. Jeevan went through the on-cycle PE Buyside Recruiting process last cycle.

Registration Details (Update: Sold Out)

  • Join an audience of current & incoming IB/MC/PE attendees from top 40+ firms & top 30+ universities

Elevate Private Equity & Buyside
Recruiting & Interview Bootcamp: By Pros
Saturday August 14th, 11AM ET | Update: Sold Out


**Note: The content communicated by the presenters of the Elevate Private Equity Mastery Training is based solely on their personal knowledge and views. They do not reflect the opinions of nor are representative of any firm or company. This presentation is strictly for educational / training purposes for the next generation of Private Equity Professionals.

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