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career coaching

Career Coaching for students & professionals to land the top jobs in Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Consulting & Management

Join hundreds of students & professionals, who have landed jobs at the top firms, including: Goldman, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Bain, BCG, and other top IB, PE, VC firms!

Career Plan: Charting the Path to Achieve your Career Goals

Career coaching for each phase of your career search and  throughout your career:

  • Choosing the best career for you

  • What needs to be done in every phase of the career search (each year in college, or as professional)

  • What your strengths, weaknesses & passions say about your career choices & success

  • Navigating career transitions (exit options, switching jobs) throughout your career

Reality Check: Assessing and Increasing your Chances of Landing Your Target Jobs 

Increase your chance at landing your top-choice jobs / careers:

  • Realistic assessment of your chances at your target careers and how to increase them 

  • Plan of action to target and obtain the best set of internships / work experiences

  • Building the best set of skills and training via school and externally

  • Overcoming rejection 

  • Using your time most effectively 

Tactical Guidance in Recruiting: Networking, Resumes, Interviews and More

Highest impact guidance for the tactical aspects of recruiting:

  • Positioning your best story for recruiting (for informationals, to recruiters, for interviews)

  • Putting together the highest-impact resume 

  • Approaching finance interviews (behavioral & technical): how to think like an investor

  • Network effectively: How to make the maximum impact

Accelerating your Career as a Young Professional and Beyond

Accelerate your career at every step:

  • Getting the most out of your analyst and associate experience

  • Performing at the highest level as a young professional

  • Navigating the career journey (promotions, exit options, lateral moves, transitions)

  • Building set of complimentary and skills throughout your career

  • Building on your strengths and passions throughout your career

High-Impact Careers: Achieving Personal / Professional Success & Fulfillment

Over the course of your career, maximize your impact, success and fulfillment:

  • Finding the intersection of what you're good at (skillset), what you enjoy (passion) and where your efforts matter the most (impact)

  • Define and measure professional and personal success based on what matters to you

  • Take risks at the right points

  • Proactively maximize your career impact

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