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What is Elevate Career Network?

Elevate is the largest career platform for business, finance & investing careers. We partner with top PE, IB, HF and VC firms and professionals in the world and the top 40+ university partners in the world across 4 main platforms:

  1. Recruiting: Provide top IB, PE, VC, HFs access to the best talent in the world and Elevate candidates greater access to the best opportunities. Firms access 10,000+ candidates across top universities (avg. GPA: 3.8, 55% diversity, avg. SAT: 1510). Current clients include top IB, PE, VC firms - Check out the Recruit Platform

  2. Networking: Finnect Platform, largest networking platform connecting students & early professionals across the top universities & investment clubs in the world (2,000+ meetings facilitated across Top 20+ Universities, All Top Firms & Funds, 9.8/10 Avg. Rating) - Check out Finnect Platform

  3. Training: The only training in the world, fully designed and taught by professionals from 30+ top PE, IB, VC and HF firms. This is taught live at 9 of top 10 MBAs annually, and has 1,000+ students each year - Check out PE, IB, VC Training Platform

  4. Advice: Your on-demand career advisor / coach - from top professionals. 400+ Videos from Top PE, IB, HF and VC professionals from 50+ Top Firms on all Career & Recruiting Topics - Check out the Advice Portal

Undergraduate partners: 80+ Premier Finance Organizations across Top 25 Universities (Avg. GPA: 3.85, Avg. SAT: 1510, 55% Diversity)

Early Professionals from:

MBA Partners: 20+ Premier IB & PE Clubs across Top 12 MBAs (Avg. GMAT: 720, 50% Diversity)

Firms & Professionals Featured on Platform:

and dozens of middle-market PE, IB, HF, VC firms

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