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Professionals from top IB/PE firms: "best career platform out there"

  • “We have innumerable requests for partnerships at Harvard Business School. Elevate is the only one we’ve decided to partner with. Truly unparalleled on all fronts” - President, Harvard Business School Finance Group

  • “Elevate is the best career programming we’ve had at Princeton in a long time” - Presidents, Princeton Tiger Investments (Princeton’s oldest student-run investing club)

  • “Elevate is the single best career platform out there. Nothing else comes close.” - President, Harvard Investment Association (Harvard's oldest undergrad finance organ and largest on campus)

  • “We at Yale are excited to fully partner with Elevate, as it provides the most comprehensive and high-quality resources for our members” - President, Yale Student Invest. Group (Yale’s premier undergrad investment org)

  • “The single best career resource at Stanford” - Stanford Finance (Stanford’s premier student finance club)

STudent Leaders: "BEST career-related platform on campus"

Mastery Training students: "critical in landing my job ... and excelling in my career"

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  • Most effective way to access the top-tier talent, especially in a COVID environment”

  • “Elevate’s brand and reputation with candidates & organizations, students & professionals is top-notch”

  • “Elevate’s reach really helps us get the best top-of-the-funnel for top candidates, versus traditional recruiting channels: (1) headhunters, who often rely on third-party information (referrals) and don’t have necessary finance knowledge; or (2) campus / LinkedIn job postings, which lead to non-targeted searches and the majority of candidates being sub-optimal fits for top-caliber jobs“

  • “Incredible forum to market to and reach a targeted, high-caliber, captive audience of candidates” 

  • “Able to customize events and recruiting based on our needs”

  • “Deep understanding of candidates & skills needed for Finance & Investing jobs (founded by IB/PE professional), with a people mindset"

  • “Looking for candidates that best embody our firm’s values, which we can via Elevate’s help in sourcing and screening”

  • “Initial stages of recruiting (sourcing and screening) takes up lots of valuable time, which is further accentuated if the funnel isn’t high-quality - which is where Elevate has provided us incredible value”

From Elevate Recruit clients / Firms

FIRMS: McKinsey Global (2020)

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