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Private Equity & LBO Mastery Training:
Taught by Instructors from the Top Firms


Meet Your Private Equity Mastery Instructors

Kaushik (Lead)

  • Varde Partners PE - Director

  • Goldman Sachs Private Equity Vice President

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking



  • Ares Private Equity - Vice President

  • Blackstone Private Equity

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking



  • Carlyle Group Private Equity

  • FTV Partners Private Equity

  • Citadel

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking


And More..

  • Apollo Private Equity

  • Goldman Sachs

Elevate Logo.jpg


  • Partner, Private Equity - Huron Capital

  • Goldman Sachs Private Equity Vice President

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking



  • HIG Capital

  • Goldman Sachs Private Credit

  • Bridgewater Associates

  • Credit Suisse Investment Banking

Matt Singer.jpeg


  • Centerbridge Private Equity

  • GTCR Private Equity

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking



5 Modules, 7+ Hours, 50 Detailed Video Lessons From the Pros

Module 1:

Overview of Training & Trainer Backgrounds

15 mins

  • Introduction to PE Mastery Training

  • Meet the Trainers & Hear their Career Journey

  • Discussion of Modules:

    • Recruiting & Readiness for Private Equity Careers

    • Everything you need to know about the PE Job & Buyside Processes

    • Building LBO Modeling Model From Scratch (9-Step Framework)

    • Leverage & Capital Structure

Module 2: 

Private Equity Recruiting and Readiness - From Professionals

1 hour 30 mins

  • Preparing For Your Career in Private Equity: 7-Step Checklist

  • Everything You need to Know When Breaking Into Private Equity

  • What Private Equity Firms Are Looking For

  • Recruiting Process: On-Cycle and Off-Cycle: Logistics & Mindset

  • Interview / Case Study Framework: Real Interview Advice from Professionals

  • Keys to Success in Interviews & Main Pitfalls: Technical & Behavioral

  • Mega-funds vs. Middle Market funds: What to Know

  • Importance of Culture & Fit: How to Reverse Diligence Firms

  • What Makes a Great Private Equity Investor?

Module 3: 
The Most Important Things to Know about the Private Equity Job

1 hour 30 mins

  • Most Important Things to Know: Private Equity in a Nutshell

  • Everything to Know about Private Equity Job Functions: Fundraising, Sourcing, Transaction Execution, Managing Portfolio Companies

  • Detailed Private Equity / Buy-side M&A Transaction Timeline: Behind the Scenes of Round 1, Round 2 / Final Round, Exclusivity, Negotiations & Signing

  • The Investment Committee Memo aka the “Most Important Deliverable in PE”

  • Keys to Success in PE: Navigating the First 6-12 Months & Beyond

Module 4:

Private Equity & M&A Technicals: LBO Modeling From Scratch

2 hours 45 mins

  • Overview of Leveraged Buyout Transactions and How they Actually Work

  • Building the LBO Excel Model From Scratch: Step-by-Step of a 9-Step Process

  • Operating & 3-Statement Model: Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flows

  • LBO Model: Transaction Assumptions, Sources & Uses, Capital Stack, Scenarios & Key Assumptions

  • Private Equity Analysis: Sponsor Returns, Dynamic Modeling, Sensitivity Analysis

  • LBO Model Case Study: Consumer Products LBO Target

Module 5:

Leverage & Capital Structure in Private Equity & LBO Transactions

1 hour 15 mins

  • All About Debt Financing in Private Equity Transactions: Simplified & Explained

  • Capital Structure in an LBO Transaction

  • What Credit Investors look for, how they Analyze Deals: Behind the Scenes

  • Detailed Discussion on Each Tranche of Leverage:
    Revolver, Senior Secured Term Lending, Unsecured Debt, Mezzanine Debt & more

  • Building the Best Capital Structure

  • Careers in Credit: Private Credit Investing vs. Hedge Funds

Course Preview

Private Equity Mastery Training: Preview

Private Equity Mastery Training: Preview

Private Equity Mastery Training: Preview
Private Equity Training Highlights

Private Equity Training Highlights

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Testimonials from Professionals & Investors from Top Firms & Funds