Private Equity & LBO Mastery Training:
Taught by Instructors from the Top Firms



Meet Your Private Equity Mastery Instructors

Kaushik (Lead)

  • Varde Partners PE - Director

  • Goldman Sachs Private Equity Vice President

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking

Goldman Sachs Private Equity
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  • Ares Private Equity - Vice President

  • Blackstone Private Equity

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking

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  • Carlyle Group Private Equity

  • FTV Partners Private Equity

  • Citadel

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking

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FTV Capital
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And More..

  • Apollo Private Equity

  • Goldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs
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  • Partner, Private Equity - Huron Capital

  • Goldman Sachs Private Equity Vice President

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking

Goldman Sachs Private Equity
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Huron Capital
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  • HIG Capital

  • Goldman Sachs Private Credit

  • Bridgewater Associates

  • Credit Suisse Investment Banking

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HIG Capital
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  • Centerbridge Private Equity

  • GTCR Private Equity

  • Goldman Sachs Investment Banking

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5 Modules, 7+ Hours, 50 Detailed Video Lessons From the Pros

Module 1:

Overview of Training & Trainer Backgrounds

15 mins

  • Introduction to PE Mastery Training

  • Meet the Trainers & Hear their Career Journey

  • Discussion of Modules:

    • Recruiting & Readiness for Private Equity Careers

    • Everything you need to know about the PE Job & Buyside Processes

    • Building LBO Modeling Model From Scratch (9-Step Framework)

    • Leverage & Capital Structure

Module 2: 

Private Equity Recruiting and Readiness - From Professionals

1 hour 30 mins

  • Preparing For Your Career in Private Equity: 7-Step Checklist

  • Everything You need to Know When Breaking Into Private Equity

  • What Private Equity Firms Are Looking For

  • Recruiting Process: On-Cycle and Off-Cycle: Logistics & Mindset

  • Interview / Case Study Framework: Real Interview Advice from Professionals

  • Keys to Success in Interviews & Main Pitfalls: Technical & Behavioral

  • Mega-funds vs. Middle Market funds: What to Know

  • Importance of Culture & Fit: How to Reverse Diligence Firms

  • What Makes a Great Private Equity Investor?

Module 3: 
The Most Important Things to Know about the Private Equity Job

1 hour 30 mins

  • Most Important Things to Know: Private Equity in a Nutshell

  • Everything to Know about Private Equity Job Functions: Fundraising, Sourcing, Transaction Execution, Managing Portfolio Companies

  • Detailed Private Equity / Buy-side M&A Transaction Timeline: Behind the Scenes of Round 1, Round 2 / Final Round, Exclusivity, Negotiations & Signing

  • The Investment Committee Memo aka the “Most Important Deliverable in PE”

  • Keys to Success in PE: Navigating the First 6-12 Months & Beyond

Module 4:

Private Equity & M&A Technicals: LBO Modeling From Scratch

2 hours 45 mins

  • Overview of Leveraged Buyout Transactions and How they Actually Work

  • Building the LBO Excel Model From Scratch: Step-by-Step of a 9-Step Process

  • Operating & 3-Statement Model: Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flows

  • LBO Model: Transaction Assumptions, Sources & Uses, Capital Stack, Scenarios & Key Assumptions

  • Private Equity Analysis: Sponsor Returns, Dynamic Modeling, Sensitivity Analysis

  • LBO Model Case Study: Consumer Products LBO Target

Module 5:

Leverage & Capital Structure in Private Equity & LBO Transactions

1 hour 15 mins

  • All About Debt Financing in Private Equity Transactions: Simplified & Explained

  • Capital Structure in an LBO Transaction

  • What Credit Investors look for, how they Analyze Deals: Behind the Scenes

  • Detailed Discussion on Each Tranche of Leverage:
    Revolver, Senior Secured Term Lending, Unsecured Debt, Mezzanine Debt & more

  • Building the Best Capital Structure

  • Careers in Credit: Private Credit Investing vs. Hedge Funds

Course Preview

Testimonials from Professionals & Investors from Top Firms & Funds

Hear from Students (Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews)

"What makes the Elevate Mastery Training unique: 1. Created by professionals and teaches the most important information you need to enter a competitive career like PE; 2. You get access and learning directly from real-world professionals, who share the most relevant interview & on-the-job insights; 3. It goes into the details of not just the technical skills like the LBO modeling, but also the concepts behind them."

- Incoming Investment Banking Analyst, Goldman Sachs

"Definitely the best resource out there to prepare candidates for the PE jobs & interviews. Being successful in the recruiting process requires a solid understanding of roles, deals, processes and modeling, and most importantly, the ability to think like an investor. The training is presented from an investor's mindset and opens the door behind what goes on in the real world. And the fact that it actually features many successful professionals - it's a no-brainer for anyone interested in the Buyside & PE Careers"

- Private Equity Associate, Top 5 Fund, 

Top 5 MBA Program & Top 10 Undergraduate School

"I'm getting a jumpstart on recruiting. I've bought other courses and PDF guides. Nothing else really compares. I'm studying for interviews and this has been my best resource. The content starts with the "How" and really gets deep into the "Why" and covers lots of advanced concepts. The training really feels like a senior analyst / associate sitting next to you, breaking down and explaining every concept."

- Incoming Investment Banking Analyst, Credit Suisse, Undergraduate Senior

"This training helped me land a role in private equity. Especially during interviews, where I was asked to really dig into the modeling or the case development, as well as describe why I'd be a good fit for the PE associate role"

- Investment Banking Analyst, Bulge Bracket Bank

"Amazed at how much information is covered. Exactly what I needed for the PE recruiting process. This stuff is not out there elsewhere, and I've searched around and bought other trainings. The 1st module on Key Messages for Recruiting & Career Success comes directly from professionals. The 2nd module on behind the scenes of transactions and the associate role was critical for interviewing with head-hunters and PE professionals. The 3rd module LBO model breaks down advanced concepts and really focuses on the "Why" which is critical in modeling. The 4th module on leverage is a game-changer. I came back and re-took the modules. Don't hesitate."

- Investment Banking Analyst, Evercore

"As someone without Private Equity background, this training has been instrumental for me in helping me land interviews with private equity funds and eventually secure an offer. I haven't found anything else like this training. It's comprehensive, covers LBO and financial modeling in detail (step-by-step), the buy-side transaction process, the role of the Associate & Principal in detail, and has an incredible set of real-life professionals teaching you."

- Career Switcher, Successfully Landed PE Role

"I learned so much. As someone who's very ambitious but early in my career journey, I wasn't sure if this would be too advanced. The intermediate / advanced concepts are presented effortlessly. The best parts are the tactical strategies and the frameworks that I can incorporate right away to become a better candidate. The technical skills and concepts in this training are well beyond anything I've seen elsewhere. Hearing directly from people from the real-world is the best part."

- Undergraduate Business Major, Sophomore

"I can't recommend these trainings enough to prospective candidates. These are exactly the questions we ask our Associate Candidates and what we expect our incoming Associates to know about the job.. Which is why I'm a huge fan of all Elevate trainings. They take students and candidates behind the scenes. As someone who is now becoming more senior in the PE industry, I can confidently say you will be a far better PE & M&A candidate and professional because of it."

- Private Equity Principal, Mid-market Private Equity Fund

"I learned so much! The most thorough set of materials I've seen! Great job organizing information and presenting it in an easily digestible manner."

- Incoming Analyst, Bulge Bracket Bank

"If I had access to Elevate when I was at school, I would definitely take advantage of it. Best resource around. This is it - how it actually works in the real world"

- Private Equity Associate, Warburg Pincus

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