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Mentorship Areas

Discover the areas where mentors can help

Business Meeting

College Planning

  1. Strategies used during admissions for: academics, essays, activities, interviews

  2. High-impact essays: Choosing topics, conveying action / impact, editing / review

  3. Staying organized around important application dates

  4. Minimizing stress and staying calm during the admissions process

  5. Most important things to focus on in each year of high school

  6. Organizing your activities list, showing impact

  7. What colleges actually look for: what matters and how much?

  8. Moving past the rankings and choosing best fit colleges ​

  9. Advice to maximize acceptance to “reach” and “target” schools
  10. Differences between SAT & ACT, which one is right for you?

  11. Resources to ace the SAT and ACT

  12. Applying for financial aid

  13. Setting yourself up for merit scholarships

  14. Best approach for senior year of high school after admission

  15. How to overcome common application challenges:

  • Well-rounded/lots of extracurriculars but lack of leadership

  • Weaker GPA freshman year, but upward trajectory thereafter

  • Afraid that application is too vanilla / lacks standout accomplishment

  • Lack of a great ‘recommender’

  • Demonstrating passion for school other than visit


Career Planning

  1. Finding your dream career

  2. Making the most of each year (as a freshman, sophomore, junior) 

  3. Best extracurricular activities to uniquely position yourself for future employers

  4. How to find the best summer employment / internships

  5. Building your resume

  6. Most important skills employers look for

  7. Experience vs. pay when evaluating internships

  8. What to do if you intern in a certain field and realize that the field isn’t for you

  9. Many jobs, even entry-level ones, ask for prior work experience - how to overcome this challenge?

  10. Approaching interviews (preparation and soft skills)

  11. Summer camps vs. internships in order to build specific skills

  12. Building effective networking skills

  13. Role of career recruiting in college decisions

Business Meeting

Time Management

  1. How to excel in college classes while living your best life 

  2. Managing your own time in college (balancing extracurriculars, school, hobbies, sleep, working out, a social life, etc.)

  3. Making the most of college experience (joining teams, clubs, organizations, etc. and assuming leadership roles)

  4. Is it OK not to have all the answers about majors and careers?

  5. Advice to students who are undecided regarding their major. What happens if you decide to switch majors during college?

  6. How does double-majoring work in college? Is it feasible for my situation?

  7. Finding the best extracurricular activities for you

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