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The Most Powerful Platform to Recruit Top Finance & Investing Talent in North America
Reach & Access 5,000+ of Candidates from the Top Universities & Firms - on one platform

Trusted by Private Equity, Investment Banking, Hedge Funds & Venture Capital Firms


Firms & Professionals Featured on Elevate:

and many more PE, IB, HF, VC middle-market & large firms 

Undergraduate Recruiting: 

Access the largest & fastest-growing network of targeted & diverse undergraduate finance talent :

  • 3,000+ undergraduates from top 25+ universities

  • Partnered with 80+ premier finance & investing clubs

  • Top-tier talent (Avg. Metrics)

    • ​3.82 / 4.00 Avg. GPA

    • 1510 / 1600 Avg. SAT

    • 34 / 36 Avg. ACT​

  • Focus on Diversity & Accessibility: 50% are women & minority candidates

  • For Summer Internships, School-Year Internships or Full-Time Roles​:

    • Class of 2022: 1,000+ Candidates

    • Class of 2023: 1,200+ Candidates
    • Class of 2024: 800+​ Candidates

Elevate Partners:

Undergrad Recruiting

Early Professional Recruiting: 

Access the largest & fastest-growing network of targeted & diverse professional finance & investing talent:

  • 1,500+ early professionals from the top investment banks, from the top 25+ undergraduate universities

  • Top-tier talent (Avg. Metrics)

    • ​3.80 / 4.00 Avg. GPA

    • 720 Avg. GMAT (95% percentile)

  • Focus on Diversity & Accessibility: 40%+ are women & minority candidates

  • For Lateral Recruiting​:

    • Class of 2021: 1,000+ Candidates

    • Class of 2020 & 2019: 500+ Candidates

Top Represented Firms:

Candidates at top universities: "Best career-related platform on campus"

  • “We have innumerable requests for partnerships at Harvard Business School. Elevate is the only one we’ve decided to partner with. Truly unparalleled on all fronts” - President, Harvard Business School Finance Group

  • “Elevate is the best career programming we’ve had at Princeton in a long time” - Presidents, Princeton Tiger Investments (Princeton’s premier student-run investing club)

  • “Elevate is the single best career platform out there. Nothing else comes close.” - President, Harvard Investment Association (Harvard's largest undergrad finance organization)

  • “We at Yale are excited to fully partner with Elevate, as it provides the most comprehensive and high-quality resources for our members” - President, Yale Student Invest. Group (Yale’s premier undergrad investment org)

  • “The single best career resource at Stanford” - Stanford Finance (Stanford’s premier student finance club)

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Ways to Partner with Elevate

1. Candidate Sourcing / Job Posting on Elevate Channels

  • Access 3,000+ captive, finance / investing candidates from top 30+ universities (targeted, high-caliber audience)

  • Customize target candidate pool (by school, by year, by experience, diversity, etc.)

  • Increase recruiting ROI & effectiveness by reaching top candidates from top universities all on one platform

  • Capitalize on Elevate's top-notch reputation, brand loyalty and engagement with candidates & professionals

2. Firm Marketing on Elevate Channels (Newsletter, Sponsored Events, Social Media, etc.)

  • Reach broad audience of top talent or customize (3,000+ in newsletter, 2,000+ on Social Media, Others)

  • Virtual Lessons have featured Professionals from IB, PE, VC, HF Firms (~200-300 live, captive, interactive audience of targeted candidates)

  • Increase visibility of firm, and increase marketing & logistics ROI by reaching all top universities on one platform

  • Interact and build rapport with candidates in a virtual environment

3. Screening & Candidate Evaluation

  • Save critical time for firm from having to talk to a long list of candidates, while still getting to a list of top candidates for role 

  • Get actionable insights ("Elevate Candidate Score") to supplement firm's own interview process

  • Gain information about mutual interest / fit for role / firm

  • Screening conducted by combination of AI and finance professionals

  • Elevate has access to predictive data points on candidates via multiple, unique touch points and sources 

Elevate is the highest ROI & most effective compared to LinkedIn, Job Postings, Virtual Events and Headhunters

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