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What is Elevate Career Network

Elevate is the largest & premier career resources platform for business, finance & investing careers. We partner with professionals from the top 50+ PE, IB, HF and VC firms in the world to provide resources for top finance careers along 4 platforms: 

  1. Advice: Your on-demand career advisor / coach - from top professionals. 300+ Videos from Top PE, IB, HF and VC professionals from 50+ Top Firms on all Career & Recruiting Topics - Check out the Advice Portal!

  2. Training: The only training in the world, fully designed and taught by professionals from 30+ top PE, IB, VC and HF firms (Career "Masterclass") - made accessible to all - Check out PE, IB, VC Training Platform!

  3. Networking: Finnect Platform, largest networking platform connecting students & young professionals across the top universities & investment clubs in the world (15+ Universities, All Top Firms & Funds, 300+ members) - Check out Finnect Platform! 

  4. Recruiting: Provide firms & funds access to the best talent in the world and Elevate candidates greater access to the best opportunities - Check out the Recruit Platform!


We are excited to be partnered with the Top 40 undergraduate & Top 10 MBA universities and their premier business & finance groups, impacting 30,000+ students & professionals since launch in Fall 2019! 



Kaushik Ravi

  • LinkedIn

Founder, Elevate

Private Equity Director,

6+ years at Goldman


Tom Dirks

  • LinkedIn

Incoming Investment Banking Analyst, Houlhan Lokey RSSG

President, UW Investment Banking Club


Frank Li

  • LinkedIn

Incoming Investment Banking Analyst, Morgan Stanley

VP, UChicago Maroon Capital


Leo Wang

  • LinkedIn

VP, Georgetown University

Student Investment Fund


Itai Almogy

  • LinkedIn

Yale Student Investment Group


Natalie Moir

  • LinkedIn

VP, American Marketing Association,
University of Maryland


Roshni Padhi

  • LinkedIn

Incoming Investment Banking Summer Analyst,

Goldman Sachs

Stanford Women in Finance


Shawn Amirthan

  • LinkedIn

Incoming Investment Banking Analyst,

Torreya Partners

President, Columbia Lion Fund


Reid Zlotsky

  • LinkedIn

Student at

Princeton University

Our Mission

Our mission is to help students & young professionals build and master the skills and mindset needed to succeed and accelerate in top business careers.

We bridge the wide gap between academic learning and the practical skills needed for top careers by providing resources, skills training, networking and recruiting for business, finance and technology careers. We partner directly from successful professionals and top firms to provide content & opportunities. Thousands of students and young professionals from universities & firms around the world utilize our resources & training to explore, recruit for, land offers at and excel in top careers of their dreams.  


Just in the last 12 months, we're proud to have impacted with 30,000+ students & professionals across 50+ undergraduate universities, 10+ top MBA universities and 100+ top companies, and counting!

Founder Story - Kaushik Ravi

We all have a story and experiences that drive us forward. Mine include: being a 1st generation immigrant, going to a non-target university, recruiting as an international student, graduating during Global Financial Crisis, when I lost my (only) full-time finance job offer during my final year.

Fast forward a few years -I made Private Equity Vice President at Goldman Sachs by age 28, Director in Private Equity by 30, and Vice President and Chief of Staff in Goldman Sachs Investment Banking prior to that. 

While I worked hard, I couldn’t have gone as far alone - it was mentors and professionals along the way from whom I learned how to accelerate in my career, build the most important skills and drive impact. Over my career journey - as a candidate as well as a senior Investment Banking & Private Equity professional, I realized that there are very few high-quality, high-impact resources for career development, skill building and mentorship - that actually show people what career success looks like in the real world. I founded Elevate in 2019 to solve that challenge for the next generation of business leaders. We bridge the wide gap between academic learning and practical skills needed for top careers in business, finance and technology. We do so by partnering with successful professionals from top firms and careers, bringing their decades of experience to design and deliver the most relevant, real-world skills to our audience. 

Just less than 12 months since launch, we're proud to have impacted 30,000+ students & young professionals across 50+ undergraduate universities, 10+ top MBA universities and 100+ top companies and counting!

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