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Insights below from Elevate's 2020 Career Insights Survey - the largest survey of its kind. Learn what is most valuable for students & young professionals entering and pursuing careers in business, finance & technology

Career Insights Report
  • At Elevate, we conducted an extensive career-focused survey across 24 top universities (representing 15,000+ career-minded students pursuing business, finance and technology careers), the largest of its kind, and the results were eye-opening

  • Key findings: There is a glaring need for high-impact training in 3 areas:

    • Exploration & Career Planning: Deeper understanding of various companies, careers, paths, roles, industries and trajectory

    • Tactical Aspects of Recruiting: Navigating recruiting, building relationships (networking), constructing set of experiences (resume development), and having meaningful interactions (interviewing effectively)

    • Technical Skills for Career Success: Learning the most important and relevant technical and soft skills for on-the-job success, at the start of career as well as throughout

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